Cyber Security

Cyber criminals never rest! It seems there are almost daily discoveries of new vulnerabilities, infections, and scams targeting businesses and consumers alike. We believe in a multi-layered approach to protecting your networks and equipment. 

While making sure devices and software are kept updated, implementing security patches, and encouraging users to practice basic safety precautions will help keep your network safe, it is important to also have a solid IT security plan in place.

We partner with several industry-leading security solutions to help provide our customers with options to best protect their interests.

Contact us now to receive a network security assessment to better understand your current level of cyber security and we’ll provide you with solutions to help strengthen your network.

Network Attached Storage

A Network attached storage (NAS) unit is essentially a self-contained computer connected to a network, with the sole purpose of supplying file-based data storage to other devices on the network. The operating system and other software on the NAS unit provide the functionality of data storage, file systems, and access to files, and the management of these functionalities. The unit is not designed to carry out general purpose computing tasks, although it may be technically possible to run other software on it. NAS units usually do not have a keyboard or display, and  are controlled and configured over the network, often by connecting a browser to their network address.

Availability of data might potentially be increased with NAS if it provides built-in RAID and clustering. Performance can be increased by NAS because the file serving is done by the NAS and not done by the server responsible for also doing other processing. The performance of NAS devices, though, depends heavily on the speed of and traffic on the network and on the amount of cache memory (RAM) on the NAS computers or devices. NAS is useful for more than just general centralized storage provided to client computers in environments with large amounts of data. NAS can enable simpler and lower cost systems such as load-balancing and fault-tolerant email and web server systems by providing storage services.


Primarily for businesses, we custom build our servers to fit your needs. Microsoft Small Business Server (Microsoft SBS) has proven to be a compelling server software bundle. It’s combination of technology and innovative tools facilitates a faster and more efficient business environment. Below is a short overview of some of the important features included in Microsoft Small Business Server.

Email, Networking, & Internet Connectivity

The tools available in Microsoft Small Business Server make management of internet sharing and security, email, and shared resources easy to setup and maintain.

Shared Resources

Any user on the network who has authority can access shared data. This saves users from the hassle associated with multiple users using one or a collection of documents. Printers can also be shared. Microsoft SBS includes software called Windows SharePoint Services which allow you to set up a local website that makes it easy to share and organize common company information in an easy to access location for a company-wide intranet. Also included is a software called Microsoft Exchange Server. It has a feature called Anywhere Access which allows employees to view important shared information such as contacts, calendars, and emails.

Remote Access

Microsoft SBS includes Remote Web Workplace. This is a website for remote users that provides remote access to e-mail, user desktop computers, the company’s intranet, and remote server management capabilities for administrators. All theses different functions available for remote users allow anyone in the business the freedom of working from wherever they have internet connectivity. 

Server Administration & User/Workstation

Microsoft SBS includes intuitive network administration features to ensure that network runs efficiently. Wizards simplify common or repetitive tasks, and management consoles provide a way to change more complex settings. It also includes client setup features for creating user accounts, making it easy for your company to perform many administrative tasks and lower cost by setting up client computers quickly and efficiently. 

Monitoring & Reporting

Microsoft SBS provides tools that enable monitoring of server activity. Performance and usage reports can be viewed from the web administration suite or sent directly to email. The monitoring and reporting tools can be used to ensure that the server remains healthy. They can help reduce downtime by enabling you to respond quickly when issues arise. These tools can also help you determine when you need to upgrade your server or add one or more additional servers.

Backup & Restore

Microsoft SBS offers an integrated backup solution that even novice administrators can use to develop their backup strategy, prepare backups, and even restore the entire server in case of failure. The backup solutions can be fully automated, giving you the security of knowing that your important data is safe.

Computer Systems

We offer a selection of made to order computers systems for both business and personal use. Our Industry standard computers are loaded only with the software you need, no trialware clutter,  and come with full warranty and service capabilities. We can also transfer your data, reload your programs, and even security recycle your old computer.

We also offer a selection of technician certified refurbished computers. 

Entry Level System

Very Light Home & Business Use!

Single or Dual Core Celereon

Win 10 Home


Win 10 Pro


Upgrade to 4GB RAM – $20


Mid Tower Case

3.2GHz internal Dual Core

2GB RAM (max 16GB RAM)

500GB Hard Disk Drive


Keyboard, Mouse, & Speakers

1 year parts & labor warranty

i3 Value System

Meets Most Basic Business Needs!

Quad Core (4 threads)

Win 10 Home


Win 10 Pro


Upgrade to 8GB RAM – $49


Mid Tower Case

3.6GHz Intel Quad Core i3

4GB RAM (max 32GB RAM)

240GB Solid State Drive


Keyboard, Mouse, & Speakers

1 year parts & labor warranty

i5 Business System

Our Most Popular 6 Core & SSD!

Hex Core (6 Threads)

Win 10 Home


Win 10 Pro


Upgrade to 16GB RAM – $59

Upgrade to 512GB SSD -$79


Mid Tower Case

2.8GHz Intel Hex Core i5

8GB RAM (max 32GB RAM)

240GB Solid State Drive


Keyboard, Mouse, & Speakers

1 year parts & labor warranty

i7 Performance System

Optimized for Business Networks!

Solid State Drive

Win 10 Home


Win 10 Pro


Upgrade to i9-9900 8 core – $349

Upgrade to 500GB SSD – $99

Upgrade to 1TB SSD – $249


Mid Tower Case

intel 9th Gen Core i7 8 Core

16GB RAM (max 32GB RAM)

240GB Solid State Drive


Keyboard, Mouse, & Speakers

1 year parts & labor warranty

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows. Like it’s predecessor, the little known Windows 8, Windows 10 is an app based version designed to be more user friendly and cross device functional. 

System Requirements

  • Processor: 1GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit
  • Hard Disk Space: 16GB for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9 or laters with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Display: 800 x 600

Managed Services

Primarily for businesses, with our software, we’ll proactively monitor for issues with computers, networks, and servers on your networks and alert you the moment an issue is detected. This allows us to be more proficient in managing you your environment and alert/fix mission critical devices before they’re broken. This method is far above the typical “break-fix” solution.

Managed Services Features Included, but not limited:

  • Remote Desktop Access for your employees
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Windows Update Management & Patching
  • Data Backup (must have computer or server backup)
  • Disaster Recovery (must have computer or server backup)
  • Server Virtualization Support for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Active Directory Domain Services Support
  • Exchange Server Management & Support (Office 365 support available for additional fee)
  • Network Device Management & Monitoring
  • Software Installation Monitoring & Reporting
  • Network Security Assessment (free with sign-up)
  • Network/Equipment maintenance
  • Cyber Security

Microsoft office 2019

Microsoft Office has become a standard for any computer owner, whether Mac or PC. As a certified Microsoft reseller, we offer three different Microsoft Office packages to ensure that your needs are met. 

Microsoft Home & Student (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & One Note)

Microsoft Home & Business (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook)

Microsoft Pro (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, & Publisher)

Need help? That’s why we’re here!