We offer the chance to boost your productivity and share resources through computer networking.

Cloud Backup

Rose Cloud Backup solution stores your data safely on our off-site servers.

Security Bridge

We offer comprehensive security and protection from internet threats before they reach your computer or network.

Upgrade & Repair

We offer computer upgrade and repair service for almost any manufacturer.

Website Management

Website design and domain hosting services are provided by our sister company, CentralVa.Net.

Spam & Virus Filtering

Spam filtering for email is a service provided by our sister company, CentralVa.Net. 


Boost your productivity and share resources through networking. Our team has designed and installed networks big and small, ranging from 2 to 2,000 users. Business computers can be connected to provide the ability to share information and peripherals using Microsoft Small Business Server. These systems can then integrate and provide incoming and outgoing fax, email, internet connectivity, document imaging, and many other technologies.

Cloud Backup

It’s inevitable, whether you accidently deleted a document, were hacked, or your computer simply crashed, at some point every computer user needs a backup. Data loss can be especially crippling to businesses if crucial data such financial information, sales data, or client information is lost. We offer a cloud backup solution so that even if your computer is compromised, your data is secure.

Why use Rose Cloud Backup?

Most people, if asked if they backup their files, will respond with an emphatic “yes!” Many will even have an accompanying horror story about the event that prompted them to implement a backup solution. Now they faithfully backup their important files to an external hard drive or flash drive. While this is a common backup solution, it’s not always the most reliable.

Flash drives and external hard drives can be easily corrupted and/or encrypted. In the event of ransomware, an ever-increasing possibility in today’s world of technology, any drive connected to your computer (or any computer connected to your network) has the potential to be encrypted. Once data has been “kidnapped” it’s almost impossible to get it back. With Rose Cloud Backup your information is stored off-site on our secure servers. Ensuring that no matter what happens to your computer, your data remains safe and available. In addition, you can replace the tedious process of manually backing up your files with our customizable automatic backup schedule.


up to 500GB of space

$ 10

per month

  • Create your own backup schedule
  • Easy to use software for file recovery
  • Encrypted backups
  • Supports all file types


up to 1TB of space

$ 30

per month

  • Create your own backup schedule
  • Easy to use software for file recovery
  • Encrypted backups
  • Supports all file types

Security Bridge

Rose Computers Security Bridge provides inexpensive and comprehensive security and protection from internet threats at the edge of your business’ network, blocking attacks before they reach your servers or personal computers.

  • Savings – save thousands of dollars with fewer desktop virus & spyware infections
  • Productivity Increase – less wasted time for employees visiting inappropriate websites
  • Conserve Bandwith – faster internet access for business needs
  • Low Cost – as little as $2 per user, per month or less!

Basic Security Bridge Features Include:

  • Virus Blocker – blocks viruses at websites, emails, and FTP file transfer
  • Firewall – blocks dangerous protocols and traffic before they enter your network
  • Intrusion Prevention – monitors attempted access and blocks hackers accessing your network
  • Phish Blocker – protects users from email and web phising techniques
  • Web Monitor – provides web monitoring capability to identify bandwith users
  • Spam Blocker Lite – blocks spam and quarantines emails before delivery to personal computers
  • Application Control Lite – allows admin to block games or other pps that evade firewalls
  • Ad Blocker – allows admin to decrease load times for web pages through ad blocking
  • Open VPN – allows easy and secure remote access and administration of your network and PCs.
  • Captive Portal – allows admin to block access to internet until users complete Acceptable Use Policy
  • Tunnel VPN – allows disparate network to connect as one
  • Reports – monitor behavior at the user, client, and incident level | reports traffic flows and network usage patterns so aberrations can be spotted
  • Automatic Updates – definitions and filters updated automatically to ensure current protection

Additional Features included with Advanced Security Bridge:

  • Enhanced versions of – Virus Blocker, Spam Blocker, and Application Control
  • New features – Web Filter, SSL Inspector, Web Cache, Bandwith COntrol, Wan Balancer, Wan Failover, IPsec VPN, Policy Manager, Directory Connector, and Live Support
  • Backup of setting and preferences

Upgrade & Repair

Get rid of that blue/black screen of death! We offer support for all Microsoft based operation systems from Windows 98 – Windows 10. Some Apple and Linux systems are supported as well.

We repair all hardware and software issues that may occur, including:

  • Virus & spyware removal
  • Operating system malfunction
  • Bad capacitors on motherboards
  • Faulty peripherals
  • Bad Drives (hard drives & DVD drives)
  • Power supplies


Just because a computer is old or broken doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Many times, it can be more cost effective to upgrade a component than buy a new computer. Upgrading your memory (RAM) can be one of the quickest ways to increase the speed of your computer. Years ago, 256MB – 512MB of RAM was more than enough for Windows XP to run well. Unfortunately, Windows 10 requires more memory and additional programs installed and upgraded. The amount of memory required is now considerably larger, causing your computer to outgrow it’s memory. We recommend no less than 4GB of RAM, preferably 8GB, for Windows 10. To find out how much memory you have, click on  my computer (or computer) and choose properties. There you’ll see the amount of RAM listed. If you have less than 4GB (1,000MB) of RAM, you should consider upgrading your RAM. The cost of adding 4GB of RAM is dependent upon the RAM type required by your system, but can be as low as $35 and seldom exceeds $75.

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